Joanne Rowling

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse project photo shoot

Charity photo shoots with 100 world celebrities on the ashes of our civilization.

This is a service page for Joanne Rowling’s review of the photo shoot script.

Scene Description:

The backdrop for our photo shoot is a symbolic blend of fiction and reality, honoring both the magic of literature and the harsh truths of the world. We find ourselves amidst the aftermath of conflict, where the echoes of tragedy resonate through the scorched remains of a Ukrainian-speaking school, victim to the ravages of war inflicted by the Russian army.

Within this poignant setting, we glimpse a scene that transcends the boundaries of imagination. Vladimir Koshman embodies the iconic role of Harry Potter, a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. Alongside him stands Grun Natalia, portraying the esteemed author herself, Joanne Rowling, whose words have woven spells of courage and inspiration for countless readers worldwide.

Against the backdrop of 220 Shevchenko Avenue, Kharkiv, where reality and fiction converge, we capture moments that speak to the power of storytelling to illuminate the darkest of times and ignite the flames of resilience in the human spirit.